September 2008

F&E strategy OF THE MONTH Continued

- Ensign Daniel G. Knipfer, USS Ohio

Lyran survey ships have a unique capability as tugs that can allow the Lyrans to rapidly develop overwhelming electronic warfare (EW) capability thanks to their alliance with the Klingon Empire. On Turns #1 and #2, the Lyrans can build an SR and a K-SP scout pod. This allows the Lyrans to use three tugs (1xTG-P or C and 2xSR) to deploy three 4EW ships early in the war. The SR ships can also provide a second mission capability by bringing a second K-pod as an added bonus.

Finally, with the deployment of PFs, the Lyran SR provides an additional EW4 platform when combined with a SCP+ pallet. This particular EW platform has the advantage of being escortable, allowing you to have multiple EW platforms that are relatively safe from Directed Damage.

When combined with the Lyran's other EW advantages, most notably the early production of the inexpensive DWS, the Lyrans can rapidly transform themselves into an overwhelming EW force and save themselves more in repairs than they spend to gain this capability.