September 2008

Ask Admiral Growler (Continued)

- by Mike Filsinger

Frank Brooks asks: One of the pieces of information gained at Level A is the specific unit that launches or fires a weapon is known. Does this apply to drones launched before the scenario begins under (S4.13)? Or does this only apply to things launched after the scenario begins?
ANSWER: The launch from the "previous turn" was observed and the launcher would be known under level A.

Follow-up question: Does this rule apply to fighters?
ANSWER: This rule applies to "the launching unit", so fighters would be included.

Seth Iniguez asks: If a group of ships are in the same hex, and they are all escorted by ECM drones or ECPs, do you have to reveal which is escorting which? A drone swarm escorted by an ECM drone does not reveal who is lending (FD9.21), so I don't think a ship escort has to reveal either.
ANSWER: Rule (FD9.21) only applies to an ECM drone escorting other drones. It does not override the general fact that both the source and target are known in other cases (D17.194).