November 2008


hunting the cloak
- Lieutenant Commander Mike West, USS Texas

The Sharkhunter guides a wire-guided torpedo to the designated target. Note that the target must be designated, but the torpedo remains wire-guided. When it gets to one hex, the Sharkhunter fires a bomb-thrower shot to gain lock-on. The following impulse the torpedo impacts.

- The Sharkhunter closes to five hexes or less from the cloaked ship.
- The Sharkhunter makes sure the cloaked ship does not move (or such a move is irrelevant) on the impulse of impact.

The reason this works is because of when the BT activity occurs. Since it is used in the direct fire segment, the Sharkhunter is not required to roll to keep the lock-on until AFTER movement. Therefore, when the torpedo impacts on the impulse after the bomb-thrower firing, the Sharkhunter still has full lock-on to the target and does not have to roll to retain the lock-on until after the plasma impact.

The best time for the tactic is when the cloaked ship foolishly slows to speed zero to break lock-on. This is even better if the cloaked ship uses Emergency Deceleration!