November 2008

F&E qestions & answers
General Questions

- by Nick Blank

QUESTION: I recently started playing Federation & Empire and bought all the products. I have seen references to Carrier War, Special Operations, and Marine Assault but cannot find them on the shopping cart.

ANSWER: Carrier War was expanded, revised, and re-issued as Fighter Operations. Special Operations and Marine Assault were combined, expanded, revised, and re-issued as Combined Operations. References to these older products will be eliminated in a future edition.

QUESTION: If an admiral is removed from play during the beginning of a turn by rolling a "6" under (316.229), does the player get to replace him on the same turn?

ANSWER: Yes. The Sequence of Play governs. Since you mislaid this admiral before the Production Phase, you get to replace him in the next Production Phase which (by that Sequence of Play) just happens to be during the same turn.

QUESTION: Rule (449.133) on transporting EPs requires them to be picked up from somewhere that has them (at least a partial grid) and delivered to somewhere that can receive them (at least a partial grid). Does this mean that the tug taking the EPs out of the WYN Cluster need only stop at any base in the grid or does it still need to go to the capital to drop off the EPs from the Cluster?

ANSWER: It could drop them at any grid (but that would make a satellite stockpile if not part of the capital grid). If you want the cash to go into your treasury, and there is no grid extending out from the capital, you have to bring it all the way to the capital.

QUESTION: Can the Corps of Engineers help build a shipyard?
ANSWER: Engineers are prohibited from building major or medium shipyards, but they are allowed to build minor shipyards, even off-map.

QUESTION: Can (534.3) be used to assign an additional Prime Team to defend a diplomat like they can protect a general or admiral? This was a Planetary Operations rule and diplomats were introduced later in Strategic Operations. Yes, I know that a diplomatic team includes a Prime Team.

ANSWER: No, you cannot assign more Prime Teams to protect the diplomats. There is no rule to allow it. Your question is valid because (as complex as the game is) the designer just might have forgotten to include an enabling rule, but the Prime Team inside the diplomatic team is all the protection they get.

QUESTION: Rule (540.11) says that the Klingons have one D7N and one D5N (so does the Order of Battle), and this is three diplomatic teams. Are the Klingons missing a team or a cruiser? Or does the third team ride around in an APT?
ANSWER: The D7N carries two teams.