November 2007

QUESTION: Rule (320.331) allows a base with a SFG to protect FRDs, SAFs, LTFs, troop ships, and monitors (in certain situations) from drone raids. Why can't SFG ships do the same?

ANSWER: Because those units are kept at the stasis equipped (or any) base. So on any given day when the drone attack happens to occur, the base is co-located and can protect them. A stasis ship is a ship not a base, it is mobile and is out scouting/patrolling around the hex as a matter of course. It is not a dedicated escort ship for the listed units. On any given day when the drone attack happens to unexpectedly show up, the stasis ship is not physically present at the same location as the listed units (or is so unlikely to be present at the site of the drone attack that the rule assumes it is not).

QUESTION: Can a unit that is victorious in Small Scale Combat retreat like it could in regular combat?

ANSWER: It can retreat if the combat was part of the Combat Phase (when ships in regular combat can retreat). It gets trickier in a raid. Raids can use regular combat (which can end with one unit retreating) or Small Scale Combat (in which retreats are defined by the die roll). But there is no "retreat step" following raid combat because the raid ends when the raider goes home. If a defending ship was victorious against a raider in Small Scale Combat, it would have no reason to retreat (and no "step" to allow it). If a raider was victorious in Small Scale Combat, it would not need a retreat step as the raid rules provide for its timely departure from the scene.

QUESTION: The Gorn DNT gets the mauler bonus because it has two R-torps. Would this not then apply to the Vulture?

ANSWER: No, it would not. The Vulture is old and slow and is not, by doctrine, used as the Gorns used the DNT.

QUESTION: If the defender declines the approach battle, doesn't the attacker get to withdraw without pursuit?

ANSWER: See rule (302.23)! You can still pursue, but with a die roll penalty to catch the retreating ships (provided there were retreating crippled ships present).

QUESTION: Does a race have to be at war to use Prime Teams on Espionage & Sabotage (534.0) missions?

ANSWER: Yes. They are just a form of "raid" and raids are conducted only when you are at war, or when allowed by special rules (e.g., Romulan privateers).

QUESTION: I thought a mauler could only attack one target with its bonus, but my opponent says it can attack all of my crippled ships during pursuit.

ANSWER: And he is right. Rule (307.4) in the 2K rulebook states that multiple crippled ships in pursuit can be declared to be one target for a direct damage attack and that a mauler can be used for this "one" attack.

QUESTION: Does an operable SWAC count as a scout for purposes of generating a modifier in Small Scale Combat?

ANSWER: No. There is no provision for SWACS in SSC.