November 2007

Ask Admiral Growler Continued

Follow-up question: If I transport from an Andromedan ship to an Andromedan, ship can I transport directly into a Satellite Ship within another ship? Can I beam crew from a SatB to a Cobra inside an Intruder? This is so I can "launch" the Cobra the next impulse through the Intruder's Transporters or DisDev.

ANSWER: Technically, no unit outside the Intruder would have lock-on to the Cobra, so you could not beam directly. Furthermore, as a technicality, (D10.524) would prevent the Intruder from making a simultaneous transfer, since both the target and destination must use their transporters as part of the operation.

Follow-up question: Can the Andromedans use their X-Technology from Captain's Log #18, to refit a ship with an XP refit (CL#31) and gain their advantages? I was just wondering if the Andromedans can use the XP-refit in Captain's Log #31, it does not say they cannot, and the only rules for X-Andromedan technology are in Captain's Log #18. For example, for PA Panels, their phaser upgrades (to phaser-1s), and etc. I am assuming the costs for an XP-Shield Refit to upgrade the PA Panels are doubled. Normal Phaser-upgrade costs. TR upgrading the same as Photons (for TRLs) and possibly PL-S->PL-M for a TRH.

ANSWER: XP Refits are not currently available to the Andromedans, not even conjecturally. You might try writing an article on how to combine the X-Technology Andromedan rules in Captain's Log #18 with the XP refits, and submitting it to ADB for future publication. Creating such a rule is not something that can be done in the question and answers page.

Robert Eddy asks: Question on the Andromeda WW SSU. If an Andromean ship is tractored by an enemy ship but can use transporters to launch the WW SSU and activates it. What happens to the tractor link? One would assume it is broken since a ship protected by a Wild Weasel cannot be tractored.

ANSWER: According to (G35.522), the Andromedan must at the time of activation satisfy all requirements of a ship using a weasel, or else the decoy is voided. Since one of those requirements is that the ship not be held in a tractor beam, I would have to say that the decoy is voided and the tractor is unbroken.