May 2008

Federation & Empire Q&A Continued


ANSWER: Yes, it is in addition to the normal heavy carrier production. HDWs create a lot of "one more" cases but there are only so many HDWs.

QUESTION: Does (525.23H) in Advanced Operations mean the Federation may make one more A-20 carrier per turn in addition to the one per year/turn limits of (532.223) Fighter Operations?

ANSWER: It means you can build one HOG in addition to any other normal carrier builds on a given turn.

QUESTION: Does (532.222) in Fighter Operations [which references (530.222)] mean that a Federation F-18 armed HDW-COG can be converted to an A-20 armed HDW-HOG per (530.222)?

ANSWER: You cannot convert COGs to HOGs. You don't convert a HDW directly from carrier to heavy carrier mode, you build a COG and a HOG, and you can switch them out with the HDW modularity rules. As HDWs, they work differently from normal conversions. HDWs are just strange.