May 2008

Ask Admiral Growler Continued

Follow-up question: When does the activation of fire control void a WW and the passive benefit? Does the AFC void a WW or negate the passive bonus immediately or when the delay period for the benefit is over?

ANSWER: The weasel is voided immediately when fire control is activated (J3.40), unless activation occurs during the explosion period (J3.2112).

Tos Crawford asks: I am confused about EW lending. A ship is lent 6 ECM on Impulse #32. A plasma impacts the ship on Impulse #1. The ship is lent 6 ECM on Impulse #1. Is the ship covered by lent ECM when the plasma hits?

ANSWER: The ECM lent on a previous turn is not relevant to the situation; it ended the moment the turn ended. ECM lent during the Impulse Procedure (6) in the Lock-On Stage (6B3) on a current turn after the plasma has impacted would have no effect on the plasma. In order for lent ECM to have an effect during the "Damage During Movement Stage (6A3) of Impulse #1, it would have to be applied and announced during the Sensor Lock On Phase (4) as provided in (G24.212).

Herb Diehr asks: Also, If active fire control is off, can a ship still fire (especially at drones at one hex range...)?

ANSWER: Yes, under the conditions and provisions of (D19.0), but not if the ship is cloaked (G13.133).