June 2007


Assume you have multiple volleys scored on a single shield (one of 9 points, one of 8 points, and one of 28 points against a single 25 point shield). If the target has power available and 2 working batteries and the volleys are resolved from largest to smallest...

Volley A, 28 points: Target reinforces two points and takes one burn-through point loses the 25 shield boxes.

Volley B, 9 points: Target takes 9 internal damage points.

Volley C, 8 points: Target takes 8 internal damage points.
This method will remove two points of power and produce 17 internal damage points.

If the volleys are resolved from smallest to largest, the target will be able to reinforce against all of the volleys. This method removes six points of discretionary power from the target and will cause 14 internal damage points. While this may seem to be a worse choice, if the object of the mission is to capture a ship, or to prevent it from leaving the area, it may actually be a better choice. If the loss of discretionary power prevents the target from being able to HET to bring an undamaged shield to bear at a later impulse or prevents it from winning a tractor auction, etc.

Before automatically resolving the largest volley first, think about the options.