January 2009


Hydran fusion-armed ships need to be close to the target to be effective. Stingers can't move faster than speed 16, so you can never chase down the enemy, and if you try, the Klingons and Lyrans will just kill your fighters at long range. To avoid this, the basic tactic is to charge at speed 24 (or 24+1) using Evasive Maneuvering. When you reach firing range, drop Evasive and launch the Stingers. If the target ship has enough weapons armed to hurt you, they are slow enough for the Stingers to overwhelm them.

If they are going fast enough to avoid the Stingers, just have the Stingers all fire on his #4 shield to limit his ability to run away from you in the future. (Failing that, take any shot they can get.) In squadron battles, have one of your ships close with the enemy and tractor him (skip power for that ship's weapons so you have plenty for speed and tractors) to slow him down for the Stingers to slice up. Klingons will try to stop this tactic with drones, but as you will always know their target, so have another ship drop Evasive and kill the drones with gatling phasers. That ship might get hurt by enemy fire, but that's why they call it "war".