January 2009

F&E strategy OF THE MONTH (Continued)


The Klingons placing SFGs on their forward starbase will be able to protect their FRD repair parks and troop ships from (320.0) Advanced Raids. This will stop "cheap kills" of FRDs by Kzinti and Federation drone raids, or Alliance Fighter Raids, and make Alliance fleets have to come into range of Klingon SFGs to get FRD kills.

Rule (320.331) in Planetary Operations makes that possible via the following statement: "The following units located with a Tholian Base can be assumed to be inside the web and immune from attacks: FRDs, SAFs, LTFs, troop ships; monitors only if the base is co-located with the planet the monitor is protecting. The same units located with a base with an SFG would be protected by the SFG and immune to attack."

SFGs are the shield as well as the sword of the DSF.

Use them well and Kai the Empire!