February 2007

Ask Admiral Growler Continued
by Mike filsinger

Chris Proper asks: My ship is stuck in a tractor beam. I want to launch wild weasel if I can, if not I will launch a suicide shuttle. How does that work?

ANSWER: You cannot launch a wild weasel while held in a tractor beam (G7.98). You can launch a suicide shuttle, but only at the unit that is holding your ship in tractor (G7.9432).

John Stiff asks: A ship is in a hex going in direction A. Another ship is two hexes away going in direction D. An enemy drone is between the two ships, targeted on the first ship. During impulse activity, both ships tractor the drone (this activity was written down in secret by both players). What happens when both ships move on the next impulse? Should the drone be torn to shreds? (My first thought.) Do the tractor beams negate each other? Do the ships compute a pseudo speed?

ANSWER: Only one tractor can be established on any given target (G7.371), the ships would have to conduct a tractor auction if one of them is to maintain the link (ship A could bid one extra point of power while ship B declines to bid, or vice versa). If neither bids more power, then under (G7.371) the two beams cancel out and the drone continues on its merry way as if nothing at all had happened.