December 2007



Next, transport out a satellite ship that has a lot of unfired weapons and T-bombs on board as close to the seeking weapons as possible and in their path to you, with it facing the weapons as best as possible.

Due to the Sequence of Play, you are allowed to lay mines after satellite ships are transported out, so lay one in your hex if there are enough drones to make it worthwhile.

Next, during the direct-fire weapons segment, announce that you are going to displace the satellite ship. You will want to displace it in the direction you are going unless you are heading straight at the enemy. If that is the case, displace it laterally across your bow (from L to R or R to L).

Your satellite ship is suffering from disrupted fire control, but it is allowed to fire at any seeking weapon within three hexes, so open up on the seeking weapons with every direct-fire weapon that it is allowed to fire.

After fire is resolved, displace your satellite ship. The act of displacing it activates the T-bomb it laid.

Keep flying on a course to draw as many of the drones as you can over the T-bomb, and if your satellite ship is still alive in seven impulses, pick it up.

Rinse and repeat as often as necessary from turn to turn. Just as a note, gun sleds are great for this role.