August 2007

F&E Strategy of the Month Continued


By having three Operational Bases, each deployed at different "locations" within a hex, the owner gains all the benefits of an Electronic Warfare Network. This will help prevent enemy special raids against units in the hex by allowing an extra intercepting group (537.32), reduce the effect of Romulan Cloaking devices (537.33), and most importantly, increase the electronic warfare of the forces in the hex by one. These effects will last, at least until one of the Operational Bases is destroyed (533.35).

One could argue that 45 economic points for three bases is excessive, when one would do. But quite often there are advantages to having multiple bases, especially if multiple races are attacking together, each requiring their own supply line. Conversely, the defender can use two Operational Bases, paired with existing fixed defenses to gain these benefits.

When defending the Operational Bases, remember to fight as many approach rounds as possible, to maximize the number of rounds that you receive the Combat Bonus (537.35). The simple bonus (+1 BIR), will help ensure that you fight the full three rounds and do extra damage to the enemy.